3 Reasons to Book Your Treatment Today

1. Younger Skin From The Inside Out

At Vitality Centre® Dublin, skin renewal treatments start from within. Thats because many skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema have underlying dietary and toxicity causes. Unsightly red and thread veins are removed instantly with diathermy. Skin is resurfaced with microdermabrasion and The Natural Botox Skin Needling empowers the skin to produce its own natural deep within the dermis where deep wrinkles reside. If you are seeking a complete non surgical anti-aging programme, we have a programme to suit your skin.

2. Colonic Irrigation, Detox And Nutrition.

Forget everything you thought you knew or ever heard about colonic irrigation. At Dublin Vitality Centre®, our training and our system is quite unique. With the advanced Harley Street Method it is now possible to benefit from this incredible full body detox without any loss of privacy. At Dublin Vitality Centre®, Colon Hydrotherapists are IACT trained to Advanced Level. Once your body has been cleansed of years of deep toxicity, you can start to bring in the foods that your body was designed to eat. Vitality Living Methodis a 3 Day Detox and Weightloss Diet which includes full colour recipes, shopping list and just about all the information you need to make a life altering dietary changes such as reducing cholesterol, removing gluten, meat and diary, and reducing fats. Vitality Living Method Diet is available for just €29.99 in addition to colonic irrigation or food intolerance testing exclusively at Dublin Vitality Centre®.

3. Inchloss and Weightloss Treatments

At Dublin Vitality Centre®, you can remove years of bloating and excess water retention with our exclusive Inchloss Detox Express programme. Combining the incredible benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy, Liver Flush Coffee Enema and Lymphatic Drainage Massage, its possible to look and feel slimmer in just 90 minutes. And did we mention dark circles under the eyes disappear, skin becomes radiant and eyes sparkle with hydration. See for yourself why everyone is talking about Inchloss Detox Express exclusively at Dublin Vitality Centre®, where looking and feeling great go hand in hand.

Frances Flannery | Transformational Health

Frances Flannery has helped thousands of people come to increase their wellbeing naturally through advanced detox and nutrition. She is certified in nutrition, exercise, skin care and is an NEDBN certified nurse.She is one of only two advanced level IACT colon hydrotherapists in Ireland.

Frances Flannery is also a business post graduate (first class hons). She is an advocate of plant based living and natural health and is an avid fitness enthusiast.

Book a life changing 5 Day Colonic and Juice Fasting Holiday at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge. Lose inches and increase well being with advanced daily colonics and juices with contemporary serviced rooms onsite right in the heart of Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. The Vitality Cleanse 5 Day Retreat